How will Metro Vancouverites “Vote Local” this Federal Election?

August 28, 2019

Last year we were fascinated by some of the findings we shared from our first VoteLocal survey, which highlighted the issues and dynamics at play in the municipal elections throughout Metro Vancouver. This year, as we head into a federal election, we are once again connecting with residents and businesses to hear what issues are top of mind for Metro Vancouver residents.


Join us for breakfast on September 16 when we reveal the findings of ourVoteLocal federal election survey.


British Columbia has been shown to be a rising federal political power in this election, as nine of the 70 ridings in the last election with 5% margins or less were in B.C., five of which were in Metro Vancouver. With an expected close race ahead, those ridings become critical. Candidates will need to think locally and act on what the “ballot box” issues will be.


Ahead of the federal election, a number of issues have been circulating in the news. While there are topics that seem to be of concern across the country, priorities can vary from region to region. More than ever, regions are calling on the federal government to intervene in local issues as municipalities across Canada face similar and ongoing challenges such as housing affordability and much-needed infrastructure investments. What will come out on top for Metro Vancouverites?


Ahead of last years’ municipal elections, some of the key findings from our report included:

  • Metro Vancouver residents were most inclined to list affordable housing, followed by transportation, and then by overdevelopment as issues they think city hall should give highest priorities.
  • Businesses in Metro Vancouver were also concerned with housing affordability, followed by transportation, taxes, and crime.
  • Municipal politicians’ main concerns were also topped by affordable housing, followed by overdevelopment and transportation.


On September 16th we will be releasing the results of this year’s survey of voters and businesses in Metro Vancouver. We’ll share our insights on the issues most likely to influence local votes in this federal election.


At a special event with the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade, attending candidates and voters will be the first to see the results, and have the opportunity to hear from, and engage with  candidates from each of the four main federal parties.  Get your tickets today!

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